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Tampere Region (Finnish: Pirkanmaa) is one of the largest growth centres in Finland. The central city Tampere is the largest inland city in all of the Nordic countries. The region is characterized by beautiful, glittering lakes and the city of Tampere itself is located on a narrow strip of land between two great lakes: Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. Tampere is easily reached by car, plane or train. In the 19th century Tampere was known as a major market and industrial town. In later days the region has built its success by creating a strong concentration of expertise in fields such as health and biotechnology, machine construction and automation and electrical engineering and electronics.

The Tampere Region is the second greatest concentration of educational institutions in the country. Two universities, three polytechnics and various research institutes make Tampere one of the principal centres of research in Finland. Tampere has been regarded many times as the most desirable place to live and study among Finns.